Insomnia occurs as a result of a build up of stress and anxiety. Our ability to stay on red alert for danger comes from our limbic system, a part of our brain which evolved to ensure our survival. In primitive times when there was a high risk of threat from wild animals and other wild tribes people, the ability to stay alert at night was desirable.

In modern times when our stress factors are less immediate, but can build up over a period of time, being alert at night is counterproductive, because it reduces our ability to cope with the ups and downs of daily life, so in turn creates more stress.

Insomnia treatment Cirencester Lucy Brown Hypnotherapy


By reducing stress and anxiety with the relaxing and rejuvenating state of hypnosis, we can rebuild the ability to cope, and create new habits that ensure a restful night's sleep, so that you can function at your best, to get the most out of your personal and professional lives.