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When it comes to weight loss there is no shortage of strategies out there that can assist you with your goal, so why are 68.8% of adults in this country overweight or obese, according to current government statistics? Knowing how to keep ourselves healthy is of course essential, but getting our mind in the right place to succeed will ensure that we use that information, and create the changes that we desire.

When our levels of stress and anxiety increase for whatever reason, the part of our brain associated with survival takes over at the expense of logic and reason. This means that we make emotional choices, rather than rational choices, and as our brain is constantly referring to previous patterns of behaviour, we are encouraged to repeat behaviours that our brain mistakenly thinks reduce stress, that can be eating three doughnuts, or losing more weight than is good for us.

Hypnotherapy reduces levels of stress and anxiety enabling you to regain control, create new patterns of thought and behaviour and make good decisions that are in line with your long term goals.